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Lozenges: Homeopathic Lozenges for Sleep, Energy or Stress

Lozenges: Homeopathic Lozenges for Sleep, Energy or Stress

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Homeopathic Lozenges for Stress, Sleep and Energy.

Stress: Relax in a New York Minute. The multi-dimensional nature of stress is factored into the Stress Mints formulation. The result is lozenge that counter-acts the effects of day-to-day stress as it relates to energy, digestion, travel, nerves and mental functions. Contains 30 lozenges. Natural Peppermint flavor. 

Sleep: This holistic sleep therapy is designed to relax the nervous system, improve digestion and circulation, and quiet thoughts and feelings that may interfere with the ease of a natural sleep. Vanilla flavored.

Energy: Re-energize the body when it is fatigued from coping with stress or susceptibility to the first signs of a cold. Provide support when feeling run-down, chilled, over-worked, or during seasonal changes and travel. Tangerine flavored.

For any health or dietary related matter always consult your doctor before use.

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