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Art: Ray Charles Original Painting by Andy Tucker

Art: Ray Charles Original Painting by Andy Tucker

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After living in San Francisco for six years, Bostonian artist, Andy Tucker moved to Athens, OH, in 2016. Creative expression has been a passion of his throughout his life, and he has used a number of mediums, including watercolor, oil, silkscreen, charcoal, color pencil, and digital media, in his work. By far, the majority of his pieces are portraits done in oils. When he creates a portrait, he tries to convey an emotion that is either being felt by the subject, or that is meant to be experienced by the viewer, or both. By viewing any one of his portraits, one may experience an intimacy of knowing or understanding the subject – a shared moment, a distant feeling or a sense from a time in one’s life when the world was perceived differently. A time when such perceptions helped to define an era, and in turn helped define the individual.

       The pieces chosen for this exhibit express the voices and the freedom of  writers, activists, politicians, poets and musicians of the 1960’s.

Size 16" x 20"

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